Elementerre Rimo Headlamp green

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Price: 18,00 EUR

Brand: Elementerre

Height: 4 cm / 1.57 in

Width: 6 cm / 2.36 in

Length: 6 cm / 2.36 in

Package weight: 89 g / 3.14 oz



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Elementerre Rimo Headlamp green
A headlight is a must on the Camino de Santiago:
- you need it for packing at dawn with a red light (you can't wake up others)
- if you need to walk in the dark (it's required a strong headlight to find the signs)
- in the evening alberues turn off the light at 10 the latest. If you want to do anything after this time, you will need a headlamp.

The main features of the Elementerre Rimo Headlamp green:
- Material: ABS (The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness)
- 1 white led
- 2 red leds
- Battery 3*AAA (incuded)
- Lighting time 5 hours
- 180 Lumens (very strong)
- light distance: 150 meters
- weight: 45 g
- shipping weight: 89 g
- size: unique size
- color: green


Camino de Santiago elementerre light headlamp rimo lumen red light dark walk strong led


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Elementerre Rimo Headlamp green

Elementerre Rimo Headlamp green

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