What NOT to bring for the Camino?

What NOT to bring for the Camino?

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  • book (except for guide books)
  • dictionary
  • hair-dryer in summer
  • iron
  • jeans
  • leather coat
  • knitted sweater
  • city-shoes
  • watch
  • alarm clock
  • phone, note book, tablet
  • metal spoon, fork (tip: spork)
  • plate
  • cooking vessels
  • make-up
  • pyjamas
  • bathrobe
  • battery charger
  • pillow (tip: inflatable pillow if really necessary)
  • washing powder (tip: travel size liquid wash)
  • normal/big size shower gel, shampoo, deo spray (tip: small/travel/mini size personal care products)
  • alcoholic beverages
  • water steriliser
  • kettle

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Camino Equipments

Nothing unnecessary just exactly what you need for your Camino