Trekmates PAK Poncho Black

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Price: 29,00 EUR

Brand: Trekmates

Height: 15.5 cm / 6.1 in

Width: 11 cm / 4.33 in

Length: 2 cm / 0.79 in

Package weight: 256 g / 9.03 oz



More info

Trekmates Pak poncho is a strong and good alternative to a waterproof jacket. It is large enough to keep both you and your backpack dry in rainy days on the Camino. All the seams of the PAK poncho is taped so it won't leak. 
It is manifactured with a wide neck part, which helps you to take the poncho on and off easily over your head.

The generous feature of the Trekmates pak poncho is the big pocket on the chest. The pocket opens with a zip, what is coverd with a waterproof header to keep your stuff dry inside. The pocket is big (200*120 mm) and strong enough to carry your credencial, wallet, guidebook and mobile all together! Moreover this pocket itself is the stuff sack of the poncho, so when the rain stops you can nicely pack your poncho into this mulifunctional pouch.

The great feature of the product is the short zip which runs down from the neck to the chest. It opens up a bit for some ventilaton, which is useful when you sweat under your poncho and it can happen easily on a rainy but warmer and long day on the Camino...

The hood of the poncho is adjustable with a drawstring, and equipped with a visor also. Both will help you to keep the elements away from your face.

Size of the Trekmates Pak poncho: medium. Caminoteca recommends the poncho for a person who is not taller than 190 cm (6 feet 4 inches) and carries a maximum 55 Liters backpack.

Technical parameters:

- Material: high quality 100% waterproof PU poliester (2000 mmm)
- Color: Fabricated only in black color
- Washing: washable in a machine at 30C
- Fully taped seams
- Zipped and huge map pocket
- Stuff suck size: 200*120 mm
- adjustable hood 


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Trekmates PAK Poncho Black

Trekmates PAK Poncho Black

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