Elementerre rain poncho - Pelerin L/XL black

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Price: 35,00 EUR

Brand: Elementerre

Height: 7 cm / 2.76 in

Width: 17 cm / 6.69 in

Length: 26 cm / 10.24 in

Package weight: 286 g / 10.09 oz



More info

Elementerre Pelerin rain poncho is a strong and good alternative to a waterproof jacket. It is large enough to keep both you and your backpack dry in rainy days on the Camino. All the seams of the Pelerin poncho is taped so it won't leak. 

The Elementerre Pelerin has real sleeves, and the sleeves can be completely closed at the wrist with a velcro, which is extremely useful to keep your lower arm dry when you walk on the Camino with walking sticks.

This product is long enough to cover your knees during the walking, so neither your knee nor your shin gets wet.

The hood of the poncho is adjustable with a drawstring, and equipped with a visor also. Both will help you to keep the elements away from your face.

The back part of the poncho is extremely big so it will cover easily a 50 liters backpack (

Size of the Elementerre rain poncho - Pelerin L/XL: HUGE. Caminoteca recommends the poncho for a person who is taller than 190 cm (6 feet 4 inches) and doesn't matter how big backpack (70-80 liter) you carry, this poncho will cover it, for sure! We don't recommend the poncho for the pilgrims who are shorter than 190 cm (6 feet 4 inches)

Technical parameters:

- Material: waterproof nylon PE 190T with PU coating
- Fully taped seams
- Real sleeves
- Full zip on the front
- Stuff suck size: 260*170 mm
- adjustable hood 
- can be packed into a transport pouch
- net weight: 269 gram, gross weight (with the pouch): 286 gram


poncho waterproof jacket lightweight polyester waterproof jacket adjustable hood camino elementerre pelerin rain poncho sleeves black


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Elementerre rain poncho - Pelerin L/XL black

Elementerre rain poncho - Pelerin L/XL black

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